Three Brown Bears

Once, there was three bears they all have names one Peter,another one Pansy, and Petunia.They live in a country cottage out by the woods. But they all had a problem. When they went to school, no one wanted to play with them. Petunia said, “Maybe we should find our friends.” They tried every kid on the block, but they couldn’t find a friend. Pansy suggested, “Maybe we should move.” But that didn’t work either. Peter, the last one, the smart one, suggested, “Maybe we don’t need friends. Maybe we can play with each other.”

All the girls yelled, “Good idea!” But another problem came up. When they tried doing that, they sort of got so bored playing with each other that they wanted some new friends. Finally, Petunia suggested, “Well, maybe we should try making new friends.” All the people at school didn’t want to play with them. Pansy suggested, “How about we buy lots of donuts and sell them at school and maybe we will get new friends?” All the people did was just buy the donuts. No one wanted to be their friend. Peter, the last one, the smart one, suggested, “Well, maybe we can plan a charity concert and sell donuts too. Maybe people will want to be our friends then.”

And so they did. That worked for a little while. But after that, no one wanted to be their friend. And so they said, maybe we should just give up. Peter, the last one, the smart one, suggested, “No! We can’t give up! We gotta keep faith.” And so they did. They tried it and tried it. They made one teeny tiny friend. Her name was Angelina. She had the same problem as them. So, they thought it would be a good match. They all yelled, “Hooray!”

The End

Sailor Kids

This is a story I wrote about six children who wanted to be sailors.  They wished and wished and their dream came true.

I drew the picture and Daddy used the camera so I could put it on my blog. I drew the picture of a boat first. Then I drew the children. Finally I wrote the story. I got the idea for the picture and the story in my mind.


The Six Children

First Bike Ride

Sunday I took my first two wheel bike ride! I had tried earlier in the summer, but kept falling. On Sunday Daddy and I went out in the street and I did it on my first try! I rode all the way down the street and even was able to ride back up the hill to the house. I was so proud of myself and I am looking forward to practicing more.


My First Bike Ride!