Teachers Be Like.

Summer- /semer/


1. The warmest season of the year, in the northern hemisphere June to August. In the Southern Hemisphere December to Febuary.

2. A horizontal bearing beam, especially one supporting joints and rafters.

Think about the two definitions for a second. We got out on the 11th and it’s the 18th now. We just recently went to New Jersey, and from there spent seven days at the beach. After this, I will go to New York with my aunts and cousins. The last event in the summer is in August and there, we go to Florida and stay at a resort that is in Animal Kingdom.

Were you thinking about the definitions? Well, what I was thinking was that in school we learn about the lesson plan, arithmetic, grammar, science, algebra, all things that will make us do well in life. In my school, when you go on a trip, you have to fill out an informational trip form. That is basically them saying, “We need you do all your make up work on this trip and write a trip journal”. As most of you know, I do mine on my blog.

Okay, how many of you thought about the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off? For those of you who don’t know, this movie is about real life. Not academic life, but life. He takes a day off of school and fakes illness. In this “sick day”, he learns about life and all of its wonders.The Principal eventually finds out and tries to give him one more year of high school. And like all teachers, they try to make sure everything you focus on is school. And Ferris is a very intelligent student and he’s everybody’s friend. In most days that kids take off are days to just get away from it all. Ferris found a difference between real learning and traditional learning. And in that day he learned more than he would in a week in school.

In summer time, I go on trips and live life and think about what will treat me better in life. Knowing the square route of 64, or being able to say I went to every country in Europe and learned about them individually. And I guess all I’m saying is that kids should be able to introduced to art. And art can be good food, works of art, writing, poems. There’s art all around you, you just need to be able to see it.