My trip to Virgina

On Thursday, we got to our hotel and my dad gave his talk at the University of Virginia. We stayed in the room while he gave the talk.

We got to our new hotel on Friday. We unpacked, and went to Monticello. We visited Thomas Jefferson’s house.  It was amazing. We saw all the rooms of his house. My favorite was the kitchen. It was so cool. The part that I liked the most was to see all of the old ways that they had to cook.  Also, I liked his study.  It had this thing that revolved with 5 ledges. He put books on it. He could read 7 different languages- English, French, Spanish, Italian, Latin, Greek, and Old English. He would spin it around and he could read 5 books at a time. It was like an old iPad!


Also, Jefferson could write thousands of letters, and he had to mail a lot of letters, so he invented a polygraph that when he wrote it had 2 pens that move, so when he would move 1 pen, it would move the other one. Young ladies back then had to learn how to paint and play an insturment.

It took more than 40 years to build Monticello. And The house has 33 rooms on 4 floors. Slaves worked from when the sun set to when the sun rised. Boys who were 10-16 years of age made nails. Girls 10-16 years of age, would spin wool into thread.

It was really good. That night we ate Italian. I had pizza and my mom and dad had salad and pepperoni pizatas. We watched March Madness, with really not that much Madness. We went home on Sunday after visiting downtown Charlottesville.  It was really cool with an outdoor mall and lots of shops and places to eat. I had a great time in Virginia, and I hope to go again.