Florida Trip Journal 2011/2012

We got to Florida on Saturday, December 24th which was Christmas Eve. All my cousins were there, and I hadn’t seen them in a long time! We went swimming with them and then my cousins from Florida (which I never see) came too!

When I woke up, it was very easy because this is a one story house so I just walked down a hall and there was the Christmas tree! Since my birthday is on Christmas we had to put my all of my presents togetether. And I got everything I wanted. After breakfast (sausage gravy) we got in the pool and the hot tub. That night I had a birthday party with my cousins, aunts and uncles, and grandparents.  I have never been able to be with them all on my actual birthday, so it was great!

On Monday, we went out for lunch at Woody’s Waterside. Now I know you do not even have an idea what that is. Woody’s is owned by my Uncle who lives in Florida. I had the chicken caesar wrap. It was really good! We also went swimming.

The next day, it got colder so we went out for lunch and we got in the hot tub.

On Wednesday we went to the Ford and Edison winter estate. It was very cool! In case you didn’t know Thomas Edison invented the ligtbulb and Ford invented the Ford cars and trucks. My favorite car of his old cars is the Model T. Thomas Edison had a botanic research lab that he did all his experiments in. People only think Edison invented the lightbulb, he invented the toaster, waffle iron, highchair, and a lot more. He also experimented with new kinds of rubber that we could use during the war. We also looked at his houses, he had a very nice main house and a guest house. It was awesome to see also that he invented silent movies. It was very neat.

The next day we went to Woody’s again and I got a burger and fries. That was also very good. We did a lot more swimming and playing.  Then we all did a family picture and we all dressed in white.

We left on Friday for Marco Island, where my other grandparents live and they live in an African themed house and it’s kind of like a tree house because there are palm trees everywhere! When we got there, we had a snack and later dinner, which was spaghetti and meetballs, garlic bread and salad, my favorite! And we had another birthday treat, brownies! I had lots of fun!

Saturday was New Years Eve, and we spent the day on the beach. It was cool. When we went home, we had lobster and filet with potatoes. We went in the hot tub for a little while after that, but it was very cold! It was getting late and my brother started to fall asleep in the hot tub so we had to get out.  We got out and watched the New Years special, and I stayed up untill midnight. 

Sunday was New Years Day, and we went swimming in my pool. We had sauerkraut, cornbread, corn, mashed potatoes, and pork. And for dessert, key lime pie. 

On Monday, we went out to a mexican restuant for lunch, and I had chicken. We went shopping to the surf shop and I bought flipflops.  Every day while I was in Marco Island, I went out for a run by myself which was really fun!  And we took a lot of rides in the golf cart.  

Tuesday was cold so I took a walk with my mom. We had this loop that was maybe a mile and we walked the lap two times. Later we went to the movies to see We Bought A Zoo. It was a very good movie. 

Wednesday we went to Naples Zoo. It was super fun. We saw monkeys, tigers, zebras, jagaurs, lions, snakes, parrots, porcupines, and best giraffes. You’ll never guess what I got to do. I got to feed the giraffes! And they were so cute! They had very long tounges. And, I got to…..ride a camel! The camel that I rode had two humps, and my brother who is five and I rode together. And when we were leaving the zoo, we went to the Crazy Flamingo which is a really good restaurant. I got the grouper sandwich with garlic bread roll and lettuce, tomato, onion, and mayonaise. And on the side I got fries. It was super great!

On Thursday we went to the beach, swam, and dug a big hole.  We had some lunch too.

The next day we went to the beach again and dug an even bigger hole and we hit water! We were experimenting to see if we dug a deeper hole if we would find sea creatures. So when we were done we packed up and said goodbye to the beach.

On Saturday we packed and drove home. We got home on Sunday. I had I great time in Florida and I hope to go back again!