What I Think of Art

Art is like good food.  Other than that, I can not describe it.  There are so many wonderings in art, like is Monalisa smiling, or is Mattisse only trying to paint soft shapes.  Whatever the reason is, its just art and anybody can do it!  (Even my little brother!)  But art can be different to other people.  It can be food, music, and art like the paint used in art.  I love art!!!

Memorial Day Lego

I went to Bloomsburg, PA for Memorial Day weekend with my family. We stayed at my Nanny and Boppy’s house for the weekend. My Aunt Kitt and Uncle Steve came with my cousins Mia and Porter. Mia is one and a half and Porter is only three months old. My brother and I played with our cousins and had a great time. While we were there we also got to hang out with my cousins, Cassidy, Ryan, and Tyler. It was Cassidy’s 14th birthday as well!

We discovered my Dad’s Legos from when he was a kid and got them all out to play with. I built a picnic setup with a house and a table for the people to sit at. I even made little kids that were playing. Take a look at the picture below to see how it turned out.


My Dad even built Max a spaceship using his old Legos! My Dad built it without any directions at all! When I saw him I was amazed he could do that. He started out with two pieces then he built the blasters on the front. After that he started building the ship part with the wings. When it was done he showed us the features. The features are ladders to repair the ship, there is a navigational computer for the guy to use, and special lights so it can be seen while in space.


I had so much fun playing with the Legos! I also had fun in Bloomsburg!