Christmas is Coming

what I want for christmas is vary simple.  I just want a gaiter, DSI, webkinz, and a puppy.I hear that santa’s hot chocolate is great! A lot of people don’t have chimneys. Or celebrate christmas.The big time thing about…say…..ammmm…..about 30,40 years ago was to get 1 present.Its fun now because you more than 1 present.  Christmas is so fun.  I love when Santa comes.  He always brings such nice presents.   But he never eats all of his cookies.  Or drinks his milk.  But I think Christmas is still fun.

By Madeline

Madeline’s Washington DC Trip


Playing in the hotel room.

On Friday we went to Washington DC with the whole the family.  At our hotel we had fun jumping on the bed as soon as we got there and I started yelling, “yay! we are here!”  I was so happy.  Take a look at the view out our window.  We all went shopping on that street later that night.  I learned so much by visiting Washington DC with my family and I’d like to go back soon.


Out our window.

The Washington Monument

On Saturday we went to see the Memorials.  First we went to see the Washington Monument.  In the pictures below you can see my little brother and I walking in the grass.  He seemed more interested in playing in the grass than looking at the Monuments!  You can also see me and my Mom posing under the Monument.  I was able to tell my parents why there are two very different kinds of marble!  I know there are two kinds of marble because they started building it and then they stopped for war and they didn’t finish until many years later.  I could even see the Capitol Building!


Max and I playing under the Washington Monument.


Mommy and I under the Washington.


The Capitol Building

The World War II Memorial

I saw the World War II Memorial.  I thought it was very cool because it had a very awesome flag pole (my little brother and I liked to climb on it).  The Memorial is there for remembering all the soldiers that fought and died in World War II.  We saw a fountain that had two sides (one side representing the Atlantic battles and the other the Pacific battles).  I saw veterans spending time at the Memorial.  They seemed both happy and sad.


The World War II Memorial



WW II Vets

The Lincoln Memorial

When we walked to the Lincoln Memorial the Reflecting Pool was empty.  We got to run in it and we found a bunch of change all over the ground.  When we climbed the stairs and saw the statue, I said to my Mother, “Wow, Abraham Lincoln was huge!”  I know that Lincoln was known for freeing the slaves.


Empty Reflecting Pool







The Vietnam Memorial

Our last stop was the Vietnam Memorial.  It is a place where the names of soldiers were listed who died in the Vietnam War. Seeing all the names of the people that died made me thankful it wasn’t my family.  I saw some people touching names on the wall.


The Vietnam Memorial


snips and snails and puppy dog tails!!
first birthday
stand up
keep on walking
I am a big girl
turning two
I can eat big girl stuff
I can speak
three at last
pre school
new baby
turning five
mout nittany
singing on stage
turning six
first grade
rock camp
7th birthday
second grade

No Dessert

My mother says ‘No dessert!’ I disagree. No one ever gives me dessert anymore. It’s not fair! I say, “Give me dessert or I will SCREAM!” I know it’s bad, but it’s the only way. So my mom says okay, but she gives you only one scoop of ice-cream, and i say “it’s not FAIR! Give me two scoops of ice-cream or i will scream!” So my mom says okay, but she only gives me vanilla. And I say, “Give me chocolate and vanilla or i will scream!” So my mom says okay, but she gives you two little scoops. I say, “Give me a big scoop or I will scream.” So my mom says okay, but i forget that there is a chocolate cake in the fridge. I say, “Give me ice-cream and chocolate cake or I will scream!” So my mom says okay, but she gives a little piece to me. I say, “Give me a big piece or I will scream!” So my mom says okay, but she gives me one with no frosting. I say, “Give me one with frosting or I will scream!” So my mom says okay. After dessert, we go to Spikes game, but she gives me a back seat. So i say, “Give me a front seat or I will scream!” So my mom says okay, but she forgets the fact that I am a very greedy child. So she gives me the seat that i wanted, but she forgets the fact that i don’t like sitting on a dirty seat. I say, “Give me a cloth to put on my seat or I will scream!” So my mom says okay. Later, we go home, and she says time for bed. I say, “Let me stay up till ten’o clock or I will scream!” she says okay, but she forgets the fact that I fall asleep very easily. But not tonight. I stay up till one in the morning, and she give me a bowl of cereal. I say, “Give me waffles or I will scream!” So my mom says okay, but she forgets the fact that I burn my mouth easily. So she gives me waffles to me, and i say, “Give me a syrup or I will scream!” So my mom says okay, but i want butter, too. So at lunch time, we have mashed potatoes with meatloaf with gravy. At lunch time, she gives me too much gravy. I say, “Give me less gravy or I will scream!” So my mom says okay, and she takes the gravy off. But she forgets the fact that I take a nap. But not today. At snack time, she gives me some leftover pizza, but i say, “Give me a smaller piece of pizza or I will scream!” So my mom says okay, but she forgets the fact that I don’t like cheese. So she says, “Take the cheese off or I will scream!” so mom says okay, but after that, it was play time. She has a little brother, and she says, “Give me that toy or I will scream!” So mom says okay. She never says thank you. Then, we go out do run some errands, and she says, “Take me to the pet store or i will scream!” So mom says okay. Then at the pet store, I say, “Get me that puppy or I will scream!” So my mom says okay, but she interrupts and then mom says, ” Remember puppies are a lot of work.” I say, “I will remember.” So we go home, then it’s time for dinner. We are having soup. I say, “Give me rosemary or I will scream!” So mom says okay, then it’s time for dessert again. She says, “No dessert tonight.” I say,” Why? It’s not fair!” She says, “Okay. Dessert tonight but no other day of the week.” I say okay and eating away. I remember she didn’t put hot sauce on it. I say, “Give me a hot sauce or I will scream!” My mom says okay, but then she says, “Do you know what? That is not okay.” She says, “How dare you say that to me?” The mom says, “Because I am your mother.” She says, “You are grounded!” She says, “You can’t ground me because I am grounding you!” Mom says, “Oh really? Well you can’t ground your own mother.” She says, “Oh yes I can!” “No you can’t!” “Yes i can!” “No you can’t!” “Yes I can” “Okay you win this time mommy, but I will get you back next time.” “Oh really?” “Uh huh” “Are you sure?” “Positive!” “Really?” “YES!” “Pack up for school” “No fair!” “Yes fair” so she gets her backpack on and grabs her bike and rides all the way to the school without even saying goodbye. At the end of school, she says, “Get me lunch or I will scream!” “Okay,” says mom. But then she says, “That’s is high as i will go” so she had her lunch, and after that, time out. “No far,” she says. But mom says, “Yes fair.” She grunts in he grunting voice and sits down. After time out, she goes up to her room and cries. She eventually stops but still crying for ten minutes is a long time. She was up there till bed time. She didn’t eat any dinner. She sort of regretted everything she said. The next morning, she says, “Good morning.” Mother says, “That’s very uncommon for you to say in the morning.” “No, it’s not,” she says. She has her breakfast, and she heads to school. After school, lunch time, there is a dessert, and that’s good enough for me.

Three Brown Bears

Once, there was three bears they all have names one Peter,another one Pansy, and Petunia.They live in a country cottage out by the woods. But they all had a problem. When they went to school, no one wanted to play with them. Petunia said, “Maybe we should find our friends.” They tried every kid on the block, but they couldn’t find a friend. Pansy suggested, “Maybe we should move.” But that didn’t work either. Peter, the last one, the smart one, suggested, “Maybe we don’t need friends. Maybe we can play with each other.”

All the girls yelled, “Good idea!” But another problem came up. When they tried doing that, they sort of got so bored playing with each other that they wanted some new friends. Finally, Petunia suggested, “Well, maybe we should try making new friends.” All the people at school didn’t want to play with them. Pansy suggested, “How about we buy lots of donuts and sell them at school and maybe we will get new friends?” All the people did was just buy the donuts. No one wanted to be their friend. Peter, the last one, the smart one, suggested, “Well, maybe we can plan a charity concert and sell donuts too. Maybe people will want to be our friends then.”

And so they did. That worked for a little while. But after that, no one wanted to be their friend. And so they said, maybe we should just give up. Peter, the last one, the smart one, suggested, “No! We can’t give up! We gotta keep faith.” And so they did. They tried it and tried it. They made one teeny tiny friend. Her name was Angelina. She had the same problem as them. So, they thought it would be a good match. They all yelled, “Hooray!”

The End